Clínica del Sur


We support Clínica del Sur del Ponce Research Institute to offer physical and mental health services to those affected by the earthquakes in 2020.

How does it work?
Clínica del Sur is a mobile unit that provides health services to people from different communities in southern municipalities.


Clínica del Sur was present, providing medical, psychological and public health assistance to more than 1,200 affected people in the municipalities of Ponce, Yauco, Guayanilla, Guánica, Peñuelas and Lajas.


Ensure quick attention for medical problems to vulnerable people affected by the emergency that began in January 2020.

We support our communities!

On January 2020, after the earthquake struck the region, the Foundation identified that it could help many victims through Clínica del Sur and the results of this effort are evident. Clínica del Sur has provided health services to hundreds of people in southern municipalities and its help, although it began with people impacted by the earthquakes, has continued with people affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic.


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Why Clínica del Sur?

Clínica del Sur of Ponce Research Institute is a mobile facility that reach where the others don’t. Its health services include comprehensive health-care (medical and psychological services) and of quality. It also has different health-care professionals.

Its services reach people who have difficulty in receiving medical services because of the lack of transportation, due to their financial background and many other factors that affect access to adequate health care.

After the earthquakes, they distributed medical supplies, offered orientation and assisted hundreds of people in need of health services.

Fighting against adversity

Clinica del Sur is committed to help our communities get better and will always be present to help in any way possible. After the worst earthquake in Puerto Rico, Clinica del Sur was present, bringing medical, psychological and public health assistance to 1200 affected. Actually, during COVID-19 pandemic, Clinica del Sur has administered over 15,000 doses of vaccines thus far to patients in phases 1A and 1B, as stipulated by the PRDOH.