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Ponce, PR

As part of the Fundación Intellectus commitment to our community and the sciences, the Foundation chose to sponsor the Thomas Armstrong Toro School in several areas.

The Thomas Armstrong Toro School is a public high school (grades 9th – 12th) which specializes in an advanced science, math and technology curriculum. The school develops special projects, participates in educational competitions and scientific conferences in Puerto Rico and around the world. The students attending this school are committed to academic excellence as they must take the traditional courses such as history, Spanish, English, physical education (among others) and two advanced courses per year in the specialized curriculum.  This public institution serves the talented individuals who fit the rigorous criteria required to be accepted, most of whom have economic and transportation challenges.

These students’ families are committed to supporting their children’s love of learning and developing their mathematical, scientific interests.  The school’s dedicated administration and faculty is a big contributor to the school’s success.

The Foundation believes strongly in collaborating with the Thomas Armstrong School as a way to invest in our community, our people and our future.