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Fundación Intellectus auspicia investigaciones

At the end of January, the Foundation awarded several scholarships for doctoral students from Ponce Health Sciences University and nursing students from the San Juan Bautista School of Medicine to develop their research on health and sexual violence. With a total grant of $22,500, the youth group will be researching or building prevention tools according to their area of interest.

Topics such as the effect of air quality on vertebral malformations, the effect of turmeric on cancer prevention, and understanding how stress could accelerate ovarian cancer are part of the issues they will be investigating.

Incorporated into the health issue, sexual violence in Puerto Rico will be studied with projects aimed at designing a protocol for the prevention of sexual abuse in minors, improving the intervention protocol for victims of sexual violence and developing a scale that measures consent sexual and myths about rape. Sexual violence impacts the physical and emotional health of the victim in the short and long term and we want to stop the adverse effect while working to eradicate the undesirable behavior.

“We hope that donations will serve to stimulate research and, above all, to build tools that help prevent conditions and behaviors that are adverse to the health of our people,” said Elena M. Colón, executive director.