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Fundación Intellectus

Committed to health!

Our commitment is with health, prevention, research and health education in Puerto Rico.

About us

Since 2014, the Fundación Intellectus has maintained a solid commitment with the academic development of medical, health, and science students.

Through our contributions we have awarded scholarships and additional donations to more than 130 students, besides the contribution of 31 projects, including:

  • Research on health and sexual violence
  • Health initiatives and programs
  • Student scholarships

Our Impact

At Fundación Intellectus we want to promote the development of people and organizations committed to science and research on the physical and mental health of Puerto Ricans.

Direct impact

Students / Scholarships / Total: 133 people

Medicine students
Students Research on health and sexual violence
Students in other areas

Secondary impact

People benefited by donations we granted to different entities.

More than

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What do we pursue as a Foundation?

Work with health from a preventive approach.

Collaborate in the training of new doctors.

Promote scientific research.

More access to health services.

Without a doubt, and for which I am grateful, the Fundación Intellectus scholarship has been an immense support for me, not only professionally, but also personally. After many years of study, receiving awards and being chosen to be an NIH Scholar has been a powerful incentive.
Linda Pérez
I have seen that the Foundations help a lot to solve the needs that we have as a society. Because of sincere intentions like yours, many of us can continue training as professionals.
Kiara C. Ortiz
MD (Class 2021)
It is very difficult for me to conceptualize in numbers what the Intellectus Foundation has given me during the past years. However, it is very easy for me to recognize that they have been a pillar in my academic success.
Darielys Mejías
Through the last two years I have helped different communities, not only as a future doctor, but also as a citizen in multiple community initiatives. Having been helping the Santa Elvira community during my first year of medicine, revived my interest in serving different communities around the island and being part of the mobilization of decentralized medical services.
Juan Silva
MD Comunidad 2021


These are the stories and challenges that some of our scholarship recipients had to go through.

Find out about our scholarship programs

Our scholarship programs have helped more than 130 students to continue their careers in medicine or health research.

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New Scholarships Available!

September 15-October 15, 2023

If you are currently doing research in Health or Sexual Violence, we encourage you to evaluate our requirements and APPLY to one of the following scholarships:

Health Research

Sexual Violence Research


We want you to have the financial support you need for your project.