Help us give them back a ray of hope!

Help us give them back a ray of hope!

There are many recent events that have marked the lives and mental health of the residents of southern Puerto Rico. Earthquakes, hurricanes, economic crisis and the new pandemic continue to affect his emotional health.

Sometimes people like you have become heroes. Lending a hand or making donations. Be a hero again and join our Living Positive-Mind movement to bring them the help they need.

With your donation:

  • $16 – Supports mental health assessment for 2 people.
  • $40 – Identifies 5 people who need mental health services.
  • $165 – Extends free mental health services to 5 people in need.
  • $333 – We incorporate mental health as part of primary care for 10 people.

Your donation is worth a lot! Help us take care of the mental health of the most neglected and that services can be offered for as long as they need it.

Help us give them back a ray of hope!

About Us

At Fundación Intellectus we want to promote the development of individuals and organizations committed to science and research on the physical and mental health of Puerto Ricans.

  • Attentive to health issues that affect the community.
  • Supports excellence in medical education and the health sciences.
  • Supports innovative scientific research.

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