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Your contribution will help us to create scholarship programs for medical students, also to investigate medical specialist’s needs, and to continue joining forces with other organizations that improve the health of our people.

How to contribute?

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About Us

Fundación Intellectus is a non-profit organization that was born in Ponce in 2014 and has a strong commitment to health in Puerto Rico.

Our aim is to promote the development of individuals and organizations committed to science and research on the physical and mental health of Puerto Ricans.

Dra. Luisa Alvarado – Principal Investigator of the POPZE project

How do we help?

  • We create scholarship to improve financial support to medical students and researchers of health and sexual violence.
  • We consider specialist doctor’s needs, mostly of the south and west of Puerto Rico.
  • We join forces with the Comité Interuniversitario para la Prevención y Educación de Cáncer (CIPECA)
  • We join forces with the primary psychology program of the Ponce Health Science University.
  • We join forces with the Health-Justice Center of the medicine school San Juan Bautista to fight against sexual violence through continuing medical education.
  • We join forces with the Ponce Medical School Foundation to respond to emergencies caused by earthquakes.

What have we achieved so far?

Residency scholars

Our first medical fellows do their specialty residencies at Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Children’s Hospital, Baylor College, and Ohio College of Medicine.


In just 2 years we have sponsored 8 research studies on cancer and 5 doctoral research on sexual violence.

Cancer prevention programs

We have impacted more than 200 university students through the innovative cancer prevention program where young people educate their peers on the best practices preventing the development of this disease.

Mental health in the south

We’ve been taking care of the mental health of the population in the south for months, after the earthquakes and during the pandemic. In addition,

we identified that 46% and 56% of university students present symptoms of anxiety and depression, respectively, after the earthquakes and the pandemic.

New specialties

We have identified two newly created medical specialty residency programs to support them in their accreditation process from 2021-22.

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