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By Voces del Sur

On Thursday, March 21st four Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU) students received the amazing news that they were admitted into health centers to complete their medical residencies.

The students were: Ángel Díaz Martínez, admitted into John Hopkins Dermatology Department; Anthony Robateau, who was admitted into the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota; Jean Carlo Lafontaine, admitted into San Juan Pediatric Hospital; and Christian Cuvillier, admitted into the Cleveland Clinic.

“The news meant a lot to me, Johns Hopkins has always been my favorite program. My advice to other med students is to never forget the reason why they chose this career and work hard to conquer their goals”, wrote Díaz Martínez.

Both Martínez and Robateau have master’s in medical sciences from PHSU.

The four students received economic support from Intellectus Foundation in order to complete their medical doctoral programs.

Robateau assured that the foundation’s support was “essential”, because “thanks to them, I was able to arrange interviews at Stanford and Harvard”.

“Intellectus’ support was very important in my academic career, they were always there for me, as well for the other students, to help develop my potential.” said Díaz Martínez.

Lafontaine said that the foundation’s support “meant being relieved because there was an organization helping us. Three more years await, but I’ll be closer to my family. I’m thankful for that.”

“To know there’s people who invest in us involves the responsibility of doing things right, to be grateful. My goal is to, somehow, pay it forward.” said Cuvillier.

Published on: May 27th, 2019